Which CRM for Commercial Real Estate?

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Someone locally asked me this week via email what my prefered CRM is for my business

Hello Tim,

I’m researching and trying to implement a CRM tool geared toward real estate. ****** said you are quite the guru. Any chance of sharing some ideas?

Kindest Regards,

And my response:

Not sure about “Guru”, but I’ve demo’ed REA, Salesforce with various CRE overlays, and used ClientLook for about 6-8 months. I have now been using Insightly for the last 60 days or so. I don’t see myself changing anytime soon, it does what I want, has great integration with Google Apps (which I am a heavy user) and does all I really need.
In CRE, we really have the owners of 400-600 properties to track, and ~200 buyers and any one time. 20-30 transactions per year – it isn’t that demanding on your CRM – compared to a sales guy at a car dealership doing 25 cars per month, and tracking 2000 “ups” in Salesforce or ACT.
I would say the most important part of the entire success of your chosen CRM, is putting EVERYTHING you do into your CRM, EVERYDAY. People in my industry are by and large very lazy with data, and their deal flow suffers. Which just makes more listings, more sales, more commissions for me.
On second thought, I don’t recommend that any  of my fellow brokers in my market utilize a CRM. Total waste of time.
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Why Hire a Broker?

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Anyone looking to buy or lease commercial real estate should not spend one hour of their time out hunting for a building.

Strong statement, I know. Here is why. Any property on the market listed for sale, already has a predetermined amount of commission that is going to be paid when that property sells or leases. If you spend all day Saturday with your wife and kids riding around in the car looking for a building, the listing brokers in town are going to love you! This is because he will collect the entire commission specified in his listing agreement with the property owner, and won’t  have to Read more of this article »

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Commissions Paid Up Front. What if the Tenant Leaves?

Posted by admin on December 10, 2012 under Commercial Real Estate Questions Answered, daytona beach commercial real estate | Be the First to Comment

This has to be one of the most common questions that we get in the leasing arena. Building owners are always wondering and asking, you bring me a tenant, they sign the lease, I pay you a commission. What if they leave before the end of the lease term? The simple answer is while we will help the owner in any way we can to screen/qualify a tenant. Our primary role however is to bring a tenant, not to guarantee the financial Read more of this article »

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