Florida adds 134,000 New Jobs – Statewide Unemployment Under National Average

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A report released today from Wells Fargo shows that Florida has added 134,000 new jobs over the 12 months ended January 2013. The annual unemployment drop f 1.4% (to 7.8%) is the largest drop of any state. The only sectors of showing a reduction in job growth still are information and government jobs. Another interesting thought is that when analyzing the data by MSA – Orlando and Tampa are leading the way in job growth.

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Thursday Afternoon Humor.

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My new Paperless Office

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Multiple Monitors

A couple of weeks ago I read Bo Barron’s piece on going Paperless, and I thought to myself, “self, you are pretty close to that already”. I have a huge 27″ monitor, I “print to PDF” and save contracts and documents on my Google Drive, access them on my phone and tablet on the go, transfer them to Dropbox for sharing, etc. etc. But there are a few files laying about here and there. I took an hour or so per day over the last couple of weeks, scanned all my current working deal files, purchased a second 27″ monitor to be my “desk with papers on it” and since Monday of this week, there is only a stack of post it notes sitting on my desk. We shall see how this goes.


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Super Busy Commercial Real Estate Brokers! Not enough time in the day!!

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Is this the Typical Broker’s day?

Monday, 8:30 AM – get coffee.

8:43 AM: Walk into the office.

8:46 – Start Sales meeting (That was supposed to start at 8:30 – but we are all useless without our coffee, so thats a pass)

10:03 – End sales meeting that was supposed to run an hour (hey, we started late – and the room is out of opinions on “what we all ought to do”)

10:05 – Coffee refill(lunch is a whole two hours away, gotta power through!) Read more of this article »

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Bernanke Says Recession is Easing – Inflation Tame

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bernanake-pigWASHINGTON (AP) – June. 25,2009 – The Federal Reserve sought Wednesday to defuse fears that the trillions it’s spending to revive the economy could spark inflation later on. But Wall Street didn’t seem to buy it.

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and his colleagues said that despite an easing of the recession, the economy remains frail enough to keep inflation at bay.

Fed policymakers held a key bank lending rate at a record low of between zero and 0.25 percent and pledged to keep it there for “an extended period”‘ to help brace the economy. The Fed made no new commitment to expand its purchases of government bonds and mortgage securities, to try to drive down rates on consumer debt. That rattled bond investors who fear the prospect of higher interest rates.

But Wall Street zeroed in on the Fed’s new observations about the risks of deflation and inflation.

Fed policymakers dropped language they had used in the statement at their last meeting in April that the weak economy could trigger deflation — a destabilizing and prolonged bout of falling prices and wages. This also spooked bond investors, who took the Fed’s decision not to mention deflation to mean inflation might arise later.

The Fed acknowledged that energy and other commodity prices have risen recently. But policymakers predicted that idle factories and the weak employment market would make it hard for companies to Read more of this article »

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Great Interest Rates for Daytona Commercial Real Estate

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Did I catch you with that title? I bet.

Our lovely office manager received this enticing document today in the mail – a wonderful back looking to loan here some money – check out that interest rate – I wish I could get more than $3k at that rate!

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