How would Steve Jobs run a Commercial Real Estate Company?

Posted by admin on September 27, 2012 under by Tim Davis, Good Info - Read It | Be the First to Comment

In the last week, their has been a lot of news about Apple with the iPhone 5 release, and the iOS6 software. I’ve read the Jobs biography three times, and studied the philosophy of Apple in the last 10 years. All this news made me think – and I was sitting on a weekly sales meeting on Monday, thinking about our business, and the user experience we provide. I wrote on the top of my agenda, “Apple ran this office?” and under that wrote ” The Best”.


Then yesterday I read something from Duke Long about maximizing the user experience, and how CRE professionals do it so poorly. My partner and I are working diligently at revamping our business for the future as we speak, and changing the user experience. We need to do better at everything. Every business I’ve started or been affiliated with previously, I made sure that we did the absolute best we could in maximizing the user experience. When I was in the manufacturing business, I would continuously improve the product, so that when I was pitching my product, I could confidently say that it was “The Best”, “100% Dimensionally Accurate”, Exactly correct.

It seems that those in this industry are “playing to the level of competition”, and not doing all they can to maximize the user experience.

More to come on this.

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