Financing for Commercial Real Estate Available

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Having experienced stronger demand over the past three months, banks have started easing their lending standards for commercial real estate.

The move is another signal that banks are more willing to start growing their CRE loan portfolios as they have in other lending areas.

The banking sector overall also has substantially improved its liquidity position over the past few years. Indeed, large banks in the aggregate have more than doubled their holdings of cash and securities since 2009, according to remarks last week by Ben S. Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve System. The credit quality of large banks’ assets is looking better as well, although the improvements have been uneven across types of loans.

In the aggregate, delinquency rates on loan portfolios at large banks have declined substantially Read more of this article »

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UF Study Shows Real Estate Market Improving

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A survey of real estate professionals shows Florida’s market outlook improved in the first quarter of 2012.

The University of Florida released the results this week. Respondents said they felt optimistic because of the falling unemployment rate and increased activity in rental housing.

Florida’s jobless rate dropped from 9.9 percent in December to 9 percent in March.The university’s Commercial Real Estate Sentiment Index reached its highest level since 2007. It measures respondents’ own business outlook.Officials at the university’s Kelly A. Bergstrom Center for Real Estate Studies attributed that increase to an improving economy and lending environment.

A total of 189 real estate analysts and investors participated in the survey. They were worried, though, about future uncertainties including federal spending cuts and tax reductions that may expire.

Tim Davis

Original story here

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Class A Commercial Properties Trading at Below Half Price

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It was pretty well publicized when just last month the John Hancock Tower in Boston sold for just over $660 million – when the previous owners paid over $1.3billion for it in 2006. Now more news of other premium classs A properties in major metro areas having similar fates, and investors are showing restraint at picking up these propertis at even half price: Read more of this article »

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News Release- Commercial Real Estate Loan for $1.5 Billion Secured

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This news release surfaced today – it seems that Capmark Financial has secured a loan from private sources in the sum of $1.5 billion. CapMark is an investment firm that specializes in CMBS (commercial mortgage backed securities). They currently have a portfolio of investments are beginning to come due in 3Q and 4Q 2009. This loan will stabilize their portfolio of investments for at least 10 months at worst, depending on terms and conditions set forth the the loan documents.

To me, this is a great sign that some of this commercial debt is attractive to large investment banks – and that they are willing to put some of their cash on the street and at risk for the next 12-18 months.

Full News Release: Read more of this article »

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S&P Offers No Optimism for Commercial Real Estate Market

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by Tim Davis

For those of us that aren’t heavily involved in the nuts of bolts of commercial finance, a substantial portion of the US and worldwide bond market consists of ‘commercial mortgage backed securities’, or CMBS. The CMBS market is quite volatile at this time, as so much of that debt will be coming due in the next 12-24 months. We have covered this issue in depth here on Real Estate Jokers – and will continue to do so. We do focus on trying to keep things positive, but on the other hand in order to be successful in any market condition, you need to be up to date on the facts.

Here is Standard & Poors report today on the issue: Read more of this article »

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Commercial Real Estate Balloon Estimated at over $1 Trillion

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by Tim Davis

There are many news reports about the status of the commercial real estate mortage market – we have even reported on them here on Real Estate Jokers – The Mortgage Crisis May Have a Second Act? – but what is uncertain is exactly how much debt is on the books, and how much is going to mature or come due as the five year notes expire? I read an interesting article on Zero Hedge a while back that estimated the total commercial debt at over $1 trillion: Read more of this article »

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Why Invest in Daytona Beach Commercial Real Estate Now?

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by Tim Davis

So you own a television and a computer – and every time you turn one or both of them on, they instantly spew forth ideas that you should sit tight and keep leasing space for your business. Vacancy rates are on the rise, rents are dropping, banks are foreclosing on properties, distress sales are on the rise still, etc, etc. Well maybe your computer doesn’t “spew” this info – but your fax machine probably does.

The basic point is in order to by in business, you have to have space to conduct that business.  Like it or not, you unless you are drop shipping infant toys you sell on ebay, you most likely need a traditional space to operate your business. This could be an office, a retail store, or a manufacturing or industrial space for your going concern. Rent is expensive, possibly the most expensive piece of your overhead after labor and of course the cost of goods sold. While there are no guarantees and I certainly have no crystal ball here in my office, There is a good chance of you being able to recapture Read more of this article »

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Optimistic News about Commercial Market, but Credit Still Tight

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ist2_6085114-c-clamp-squeezing-new-five-dollar-bill-tight-money-isolatedI bumped into this story online yesterday – some interesting news that I found encouraging
– Tim

WASHINGTON – April 22, 2009 – Senior real estate executives believe market conditions in the income-producing real estate sector – encompassing office buildings, shopping malls, warehouses, hotels, and apartment buildings – are getting better, Read more of this article »

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