What is so special about your marketing plan?

Posted by admin on October 4, 2012 under by Tim Davis, Good Info - Read It | Be the First to Comment

I was recently asked this by a prospective client looking to sell their property shortly after I told them that my team’s marketing platform was superior to any other in our market. My answer? The same as always; we have the best database and market knowledge.

If you want to be successful in a given business, you need to know everything about your industry, your product, and your customer. When I was in the automotive parts manufacturing industry and a potential customer called about our product line, I could smoothly explain all the features of the product, and answer their questions. Speaking from experience and knowledge. When clients feel that your level of competence is high they trust you with their business.

Our CRE marketing plan is better. We have a detailed database of all the properties in our market, and we are regularly in contact with property owners. We make annual calls, semi-annual calls, or whenever the owner told us to call them back. We catalog lease expirations, planned retirement milestones, expansion plans and more.

I told that client mentioned at the beginning of this post, “Our marketing plan is exactly how we got to this point, set this very appointment, meeting you here today, and next we are going to solve your sell your building.

That is why our marketing plan is better.

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